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While now operating the Dailey Appraisal Group as founder and sole owner, located in Venice Florida since 1990, I operated Eastern Appraisal Associates in Rochester, New York from 1973 through 1997 and, during that time reviewed as many as 2,000 residential reports in any given year and several hundred commercial and industrial reports per year, especially after1983 when the company began its serious growth. At present, operating a much smaller firm, my contact with appraisal review has concerned itself with several clients who submit reports of all types for review.

In reviewing the vast number of reports at my disposal over the years, I have become quite astute at identification of inconsistencies and other, more serious problem areas in appraisal reports. I believe, as do many others, that appraisers must work toward improving our product at all costs if the appraisal industry is to survive in its present form, and I have a keen desire to be a part of that process, partly through appraisal review on a fee basis, as well as the tight review I maintain within the company.


R. Marvin Dailey, MAI, SRA

State Certified General Appraiser 0001282
Real Estate - Business Valuations - Aircraft

Email: rmd@dappgrp.com